Flash Fiction Challenge: Pron the Dragonborn

My short story for the Flash Fiction Challenge of Chuck Wendig.

I lost what I was writing about 😮 It was something about a “condescending dragonborn Warlock that won a duel he shouldn’t have won” or something alike :s But here goes…

Pron the Dragonborn

I am Warlock Pron the Dragonborn!’ he shouted while throwing his hands up in the air, setting his feet as far away from each other as possible without losing his balance, while he kept his face in a brutal state looking into the distance without blinking once. But the sun was shining in his eyes, so that really didn’t last any longer than two seconds.  ‘Fuck that sun,’ he thought as he went back to resting position. Twenty-eight years had passed and never had he felt so proud and loved at the same time. His mom sure loved him to death, but never felt really proud of him. He himself was feeling very proud this morning that he hadn’t fallen out of bed past night as he had been doing for give-or-take twenty-eight years, but that doesn’t really make one love himself does it. So you see, today surely was different!

Pron took off the apron that was given to him at the beginning of the long awaited duel and threw it into the crowd. All seventeen people that lived at the foot of the Midi Mushy Mountain, except himself, his opponent and two jury members, were standing there in awe. Two big guys shoved aside in opposite directions and the apron fell on the ground in between them. Pron however didn’t even notice. With his right hand he wiped the left overs of the 99 hotdogs he had been able to slam into his mouth and shove down his throat. His opponent was still lying down on the ground with his face in a pile of what once were 98 hot dogs that didn’t feel like being in a stomach for too long. Just before that happened both Pron and Wilburt had conquered the same amount of hotdogs. The smell of Wilburts puke was horrific but that hadn’t kept Pron from plunging down one more last hot dog to finish the duel and win the contest.

One could ask himself why does a Warlock engage in such a hotdog eating contest? Well for starters, Pron wasn’t really a Warlock. He was very much into video games and his favorite character was a Warlock. So there’s that. The Dragonborn part? Well, that’s simply his family name. The story goes that his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was born in a City that was called Draçon and thus was given the name Draçonborn. But somewhere in between his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather and Pron someone decided that Dragonborn is a much cooler family name. In fact, the story goes that it was Pron himself that decided so.


Auteur: v4lies

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